Bulacard’s to the President

I am honored to work with the Over My Shoulder Foundation.  I enjoy
sharing some of my thoughts and ideas on mentoring and education.  There
is a vast wealth of untapped talent and beauty out there.  We only have to
realize that it is often hidden from the general public.

I hope to provide tools that will help to unleash, empower, and embrace those who stand on the sidelines waiting to climb the tree of mentorology.  We learn from each other and share common dreams.  We cherish the very young for their innocence and clarity of spirit.

I can’t wait to see our new leaders, artists, singers, and musicians emerge out on the scene.  For I know that their raw talent, messages, and spirit can change the world forever.  I encourage everyone to take a moment in time to reflect on the powerful, influential mentors in their own lives.  The educational system is a vehicle that opens doors of opportunities.  Mentors serve as beacons of light that allow visitors to pass through these gateways.  Their vision and strength can help bridge the gap between helplessness and success.

In the last few weeks, my path has been through Boston, Houston, and Dallas. I have met amazing students, artists, and individuals who have offered to share their messages on the Internet of Experiences.  These voices, videos, and Bulacards will travel to Washington D.C. and back. Please
jump on board and join the ride!

Thank you,

Monto Kumagai

Monto Kumagai is the CEO and President at Extreme Sign Post, Inc.  He is the creator of the BULA Card which uses technical wizardry to record visual and audio messages – these messages are stored in the Bula Card-signed by participants and then sent to President Obama to raise awareness for the need of more mentors.

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