Hi I am Russ Mezikofsky the Creative Director for The Over My Shoulder Foundation.  May is my first anniversary with the  OMSF.  I have worked closely with founder Dawn Carroll for the past twelve months flushing out the creative strategy of some of the OMSF projects.  As the official photographer I have captured all of the magical moments and have watched this project grow from a song to a full blown mentoring mission.  I have been part of both  the growth and spirit of this amazing project.  During the past few months we have begun collaborating with exciting educational partners like Right to Succeed. “Today, half of America’s kids are failing to make it through middle and high school, and of those who make it into college, fewer than half graduate.   This means that only 25% of young people have minimal academic skills. Fewer still have competitive 21st century career and life skills. This trend, if continued, projects that just one generation from now, as many as 75% of Americans will be fighting poverty.  Imagine the bleak reality of a world in which three out of four of Americans are unable to sustain themselves”. Ted Fujimoto Ceo/Founder Right to Succeed.

Grim statistics like the one above is why we have become so passionate to work with students.   Projects like the Houston Mentorology logo assignment is exactly why I got involved with OMSF- It’s creative projects like these  that can take a mission and make it swirl worldwide.  This project taught me something:   that both kids and adults are famished-starving for someone or something to inspire and that people are hungry for opportunity.  So often confidence is the hurdle but after reading the comments of the kids we clearly see that there are brilliant minds out there ready to be harvested- they just need opportunity  –   What was is it that stimulated this dynamic reaction?  What was it that caught the attention of these kids at John Regan High School?    What made them tap into all their brain power- creativity and spirit?  What made them do their homework?

In their own words, the kids from John Regan High School with tell you.   Please join myself and OMSF in applauding the Houston Mentorology Logo Project- the Teacher David Messina and the vibrant students in his multi-media class.  Please help OMSF continue this network of “Mentorology” by taking the Mentorology pledge:

Mentorology is the Art & Science of mentoring.  OMSF created Mentorology to breed “mentorologists” We seek to create a Network of Mentorologists who will make mentoring a way of life.   Through mentoring we seek to build confident- hopeful- resourceful – creative thinking:  Through mentoring we hope to re-connect the disconnected. Are you a mentorologist?

The John Regan High School project has inspired me to create a film version of Mentorology- Here in Boston where the OMSF was born we are about to create the Boston Mentorology project at a local High School.  This Mentorology project will be the film version and students  will create short films featuring Public Service Announcements that inform us:

“What I am because of Mentoring- What I could be if I had a mentor- What happens when you don’t have a mentor”.

My goal is to make mentoring fun through creative visions. I want to hear from people as to who mentored them and who they have mentored. I’m working on creating blogs with celebrities, educators, people making a difference in local communities, and everyday average kids that have a mentoring story to share. Please don’t hesitate to email me as we want to hear from you.

Stay tuned for the announcement of this exciting project and enjoy the comments below from the vibrant minds in the class room of David Messina.

Right To Succeed Foundation <—-Click here to go to Web Site.

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