Making huge strides in our efforts to unite the worlds of mentoring, music and design at the intersection of Over My Shoulder Foundation, we are proud to announce that our very own Co-Founder and Executive Director Dawn Carroll has been named the Vice President of Mentoring and Inclusion at Boston Women in Media and Entertainment.

About Dawn Carroll

Over My Shoulder Foundation Executive Director….

You know Dawn as Over My Shoulder Foundation’s fearless leader, bringing you fascinating mentoring stories and spearheading Designing the Next Generation: Over My Shoulder Foundation’s international conversation about mentoring in the design world.


You might remember that Dawn co-write the song Over My Shoulder with Charlie Farren, Brynn Arens and Barry Orms. You can watch Over My Shoulder Foundation Co-Founder and Grammy award winning singing legend Patti Austin perform the Over My Shoulder song with her mentee Lianna Gutierrez here.

Dawn is currently collaborating with Jon Butcher to create a new mentoring song for Over My Shoulder Foundation. It’s going to be a good one!

Media Mastermind-Turned-Designer…

What you might not know is that Dawn’s passion for music and entertainment runs deep. Before starting her career as a designer on the East Coast in Boston (and winning many awards for her design work) – Dawn worked with a small independent film company called Sheen Productions in Los Angeles. With Sheen Productions, Dawn was part of a team that developed, produced and released the 3 NINJA franchise – the most profitable Disney film in 1992. She was also part of Dick Scott Entertainment and reported to VP in world wide management and publicity of recording artists as well as international tour support.


Dawn Carroll knows first hand the benefits of mentoring relationships.

About Boston Women in Media & Entertainment

Boston Women in Media & Entertainment (BWME) was established in 2002 to create a vibrant, interactive community of support for women within the broadcast and performing arts in the Boston area. BWME is a pillar of strength, support and MENTORING for women working in all fields related to media and entertainment: from radio to television and public relations to singers, recording artists and women who work behind the microphone.

The Alliance: Over My Shoulder Foundation + Boston Women in Media and Entertainment

Boston Women in Media and Entertainment board President Candy O’Terry and Executive Vice President Dayla Arabella Santurri have joined Over My Shoulder Foundation’s team as board members. In the Boston Women in Media & Entertainment exclusive signature series, The Story Behind Her Success, welcomed Over My Shoulder Foundation Patti Austin to appear as a guest. This resulted in a continuation of a vibrant mentoring conversation through that is putting Boston in the crux of this evolving world as it becomes the Mentoring Hub of the United States.

Candy O’Terry, Dayla Arabella, Liz Brunner with Kate White and Patti Austin at BWME’s Story Behind Her Success interview on March 25, 2013 at Westin Copley Place, Boston

With Dawn as the VP of Mentoring and Inclusion at Boston Women in Media and Entertainment, you can bet that there will be more mentorology happening in Boston, in the US and around the world soon!

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