Over My Shoulder

“If there is something to be changed in this world… 

then it can only be done through music.”

– Jimi Hendrix

Dawn Carroll
  • This is the story of a little song: a song confi rming that dreams can happen even when you think you are too old to dream. I wrote the lyrics in honor of a story I heard 20 years ago … the Patti Austin story. It is the story of a girl born with enormous talent, and how a legendary team of mentors helped nurture and navigate her toward greatness. I couldn’t help but wonder how things would have been different, or what might have happened with her talent, had Patti not had her mentors or if they had ever let her go? Over My Shoulder is performed as a duet by legendary vocalist Patti Austin and new singing sensation, Lianna Guiterrez. Together, two powerful voices create a magic, and inspire each other … a true testament to mentoring. Whether older to younger, or younger to older, mentoring knows no age. It returns all involved to a place of hope, simplicity and accomplishment through teamwork. These two great talents remind us that without support and emotional sustenance, without a positive infl uence in our lives, we can become lost, disconnected and unstable … as individuals and as a society. Perhaps Jimi Hendrix said it best. “If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only be done through music.”Over My Shoulder has been a catalyst to vibrant conversation among powerful leaders and educators regarding the power of mentoring in solving many individual and social issues. This song was born to be a vessel and a facilitator to weave all of these efforts together. This dynamic song will become the anthem to a new mentoring coalition
  • – the Over My Shoulder Foundation – and will be built around the premise that creative minds may provide the answers to the many problems we face in this world. The Over My Shoulder Foundation has been created to celebrate and reward nominated mentors and mentees; a new cadre of creative talent which will have the leadership skills to amend many of our social and economic crises. Music is a universal language, with the unique ability to arouse great introspection and activism. It can infi ltrate borders with messages that might otherwise go unheard. Music has the distinctive ability to stimulate great ideas in minds both young and old. It can create a great sense of connectedness in those who feel disenfranchised, and connect and heal a broken spirit. With this song we aspire to fuel greater confi dence, self-expression, self-esteem, and self-worth. Proper mentoring is the miracle that fosters creativity, can change lives, and move us all toward a society of greater inclusion, integrity and value.Mentoring is the smartest investment we can make today. Please go to Patti Austin’s website: www.pattiaustin.com and enjoy the video thatis in “Latest News” – “Over My Shoulder”. Stay tuned for exciting news about the “Over My Shoulder” movie and the children’s mentoring and musical educational book series.

    Dawn M Carroll

    carrollco2 [@] comcast.net

    Photo of Dawn Carroll by Kathy Chapman


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