[box] Dawn Carroll and Over My Shoulder Foundation celebrate Mentorology, the art and science of mentoring, as the number-one priority as they move forward producing live events which bring together industry leaders in order to pay tribute to great mentors and put the spotlight on the importance of mentoring. Think of “Mentoring”, “Music” and “Design” together. Now envision Over My Shoulder Foundation uniting those worlds in the New Year. Now, some thoughts from Dawn.[/box]

As designers we listen to the dream then we create a set of blue prints. We assemble a professional creative team and then we navigate.


We take underdeveloped space and guide it to greatness. We constantly recalibrate and engineer our decisions with our trusted team.


We strip away the confusion, scrub away the errors and a deprived atmosphere evaporates. With the very best of our efforts we influence the space to become dazzling.

Under our watchful eye, a productive, enthusiastic space begins to ooze with confidence. We mentor rooms to become the essential ingredient to happy-healthy homes-nurturing spaces that weave old-fashioned goodness into our modern lives.


Happy New Year from Over My Shoulder Foundation & Dawn Carroll

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