It Takes a Tragedy…

With the aftermath of Sandy, the nation is poised to reflect upon the possibility of another sudden tragedy. Who knows what, where, when or who will be affected next by some unexpected heartbreak. We feel our own heartbreak right now more than ever as one of our dearest volunteers, Becca, has suddenly passed away.

Becca’s glowing memory helps us to reaffirm our commitment to working every day towards the things we hold nearest and dearest. We want to encourage you, dear readers, to open your hearts to what is greatest in humanity.

We want you then, just like Becca, to share the greatness in you with others through mentoring.

Becca was part of our mentoring family here at Over My Shoulder Foundation. We will never forget the glorious energy of this special young lady. She was working on some writing for us which included an excerpt from the Desiderata by Max Ehrmann:

“Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.
Beyond a wholesome discipline,
be gentle with yourself.”

Those stunning words are good advice for anyone, all races, all ages. Becca was a fabulous and powerful mentor queen. After some of our sadness clears we will dedicate something more to her but for now we want to thank Becca for all her energy, which continues to mentor us right now.

Once in a while the stars collide and gift you with a special person who grabs your attention so intensely that you feel like you have known them your entire life. You feel, also, that you need and want them in your life forever. That was Becca. She made everyone she met improve at the moment of introduction, just with her smile.

Her immediate belief in Over My Shoulder Foundation was evident. There was no error in meeting. Our friendship ignited instantly, and was perfectly clear from the moment it started. She asked questions that no one has asked before, requests so intriguing that we felt something magical start to happen whenever we spoke.

Becca must have been predisposed to stories, and facts. She was so smart. As a lifelong dancer and aspiring library scientist – she brought the best of all worlds into one. Becca shared her awesome eclectic music taste on a music blog that we keep visiting to keep her memory bright. I will never forget the note I sent to Becca right after meeting her:

“I adore you and need to know everything about you”

While we can’t know what Becca would have done with her future, which was looking bright, we CAN appreciate what she has given us. Becca felt empathy for the downtrodden, and she worked to make the world a brighter place by improving herself and mentoring others. We at OMSF, like all her friends and family, feel devastated.  We didn’t know Becca long, but the time we knew her was remarkable and unforgettable. So, Becca, we miss you. We feel like we’ve known you before and will know you again…

-Dawn Carroll, Over My Shoulder Co-Founder and Executive Director

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