The work in Massachusetts proves how mentoring can lead to success. Source:

For those seeking statewide mentoring programs in Massachusetts, the Mass Mentoring Partnership serves over 200 mentoring programs in the state in an effort to support youth in mentoring relationships. Like the Over My Shoulder Foundation, the Mass Mentoring Partnership is passionate about raising the awareness of the positive impact that mentoring can have on the younger generation and therefore has supported more than 30,000 youth statewide since its inception in 1992. Services that the Mass Mentoring Partnership offers include mentor-mentee match activities, mentor recruitment, professional development, and mentor training.

The program is dedicated to serving youth between the ages of 5 and 18 and partners with schools, religious organizations, local non-profits, and companies to provide one-on-one mentoring, group mentoring, and e-mentoring programs. The Mass Mentoring Partnership is actively seeking new mentors that are at least 21 years of age and can commit to at least 1 year of mentoring.

If you know that you want to help, but aren’t sure where to get started, the Mass Mentoring Partnership can help you to find a local  program that aligns with your interests and area of expertise. To do so, please visit the Mass Mentoring Partnership website and specify whether you would like to have the organization suggest programs for you or if you would prefer to complete your own search for local mentoring programs.

To learn more about the impact that a mentoring relationship can have on the rising generation and other statewide mentoring programs in Massachusetts, please contact us at the Over My Shoulder Foundation.

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