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Over My Shoulder Foundation Spreads “Mentorology” with Music and Needs Your Help

11/22/2011: BOSTON, MA – January is National Mentoring Month, and January 25 is recognized as “Thank Your Mentor Day.” The power of mentoring positively transforms individuals, families and communities. The Over My Shoulder Foundation (OMSF) believes, as Jimi Hendrix best said, “If there is something to be changed in this world…then it can only be done through music.” While some musicians are already on board, including former Four Non Blondes singer Linda Perry and Grammy Award winning singing legend Patti Austin, OMSF is gearing up for another big year starting January 2012. And OMSF wants your help.

The Over My Shoulder Foundation (OMSF), a national mentoring initiative that uses music to raise awareness of the impact of mentoring, or, “Mentorology,” champions the mission “One Less Hopeless Person.” Led by tireless co-founder Dawn Carroll, a Boston-based award-winning stone designer, OMSF is reaching out to a powerful group of people for January’s National Mentoring Month. With music, OMSF plans to incite a dynamic mentoring message and provoke many collaborative efforts that demonstrate how creative minds can use art and music to cut across generations and learn from each other.

Would you believe that one song started it all? Dawn Carroll wrote the lyrics of Over My Shoulder with brilliant songwriters Charlie Farren and Brynn Arens in honor of a story she had heard 20 years ago when working publicity for Patti Austin. That story is Patti’s story: a girl born with enormous talent and the luck to find a legendary team of mentors (Quincy Jones, Ray Charles and Dinah Washington to name a few) who helped nurture and navigate her toward greatness. Patti performed Over My Shoulder with her mentee Lianna Gutierrez last January at the WCVB TV Channel 5’s inspirational musical celebration to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The awe-inspiring performance by Patti and Lianna was broadcast live to 127 Countries and was re-broadcast for 8 weeks straight!

“Mentorology”, the art and science of mentoring, is a word that OMSF coined and wants on the lips of everyone this January. The magic that is shared between mentor and mentee is intoxicating. Dawn Carroll says, “There is always something new to learn and share when we stimulate the human spirit and challenge ourselves to reach outside of our perceived limitations to become something more.” Patti Austin says, “Quincy Jones mentored me, and hoards of others including Michael Jackson and Usher. Now Usher mentors Justin Beiber and Shows like the XFactor are proving that mentoring is in! “These relationships are real, and our stories of success with mentoring is one that I hope everyone can experience.” Explains Dawn Carroll

Please contact the Over My Shoulder Foundation to get involved. Today and every new day forward, the opportunity to change a life through Mentorology presents itself. Don’t wait. For more information about this news release, visit and contact Dawn Carroll, Over My Shoulder Foundation co-founder by phone at (617) 510-2620  or email at

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