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Thank you! 

Thank you to everyone who attended our first annual “Designing the Next Generation” event on June 18th at The Liberty Hotel.

With more than 300 of you in attendance, it was a spectacular evening of inspirational stories and song.

Our thanks go out to our speakers, including Patti Austin, Attorney Rick DyerGovernor Michael Dukakis, Ted Fujimoto (Founder of The Right to Succeed Foundation), Stephen Powell ( Executive Director of Mentoring USA), and Mayor of NewtonSetti D. Warren, for all getting to the core about how mentoring and helping others is imperative for our communities and our future.

A huge thank you to all our amazing musical performers, including Patti AustinCharlie FarrenRobin Lane, Hal Lebeaux Boudreau, and Julie Silver. The music you made was a perfect way to make the point about the power of each of us helping another.

We will be posting photos and videos on Facebook in the coming days, so check in soon at and to take a look (or see what you missed!).

We hope the evening was inspirational to you, too!  CUMAR Marble & Granite and the Over My Shoulder Foundation‘s goal is to inspire more of us to mentor and support mentoring, so we hope that everyone will take some action to advance the cause of mentoring in Greater Boston and beyond.

Here are a few simple ways you can take action today:

1) Become a mentor:

Many mentoring relationships only require one hour per week, but think of how much good you can do for another person’s life with so little time:

Mass Mentors

2) Donate to one of these terrific local organizations working in mentoring and other vital social causes in our communities:

The Home for Little Wanderers

Improbable Players

Mass Mentors

Mentoring USA

3) Nominate someone for a MIDDIE! 

The MIDDIES (Mentors in Design Awards) salute design professionals in interior design, architecture, building, landscape design, and related fields, who share their time, expertise, and wisdom with the next generation.

A nominee might be someone who has mentored you or who you have observed mentoring others during his or her career. The candidate might be your boss, a close colleague, or someone from another discipline who has opened the door to new possibilities.

Nominating someone takes just a few minutes, but is a wonderful way to reward them for their mentoring!

Nominate at Design New England today 

4) Donate to the Over My Shoulder Foundation, so we can use your funding to create more editorial, video, and audio to help inspire even more people to mentor!

5) Let us know what action we helped inspire you to take…we want to know if our actions are working, too! 

We look forward to seeing you at our next event in January 2013!


* Dawn Carroll, Design Specialist, CUMAR Marble & Granite and Executive Director, Over My Shoulder Foundation

* Dave Connor, General Manager, CUMAR Marble & Granite

* Carlotta Cubi, Executive Vice President, CUMAR Marble & Granite

Brochure: OMSF & CUMAR_PGRM – 6-18-12 Liberty Hotel

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