September quickly jolts us out of the sleepy days of summer with vibrant back to school energy, refreshing crisp weather and a multitude of National Observance Days – many of which remind us of the dangers of a hopeless person. This year on September 10 we have World Suicide Prevention Day. We also have the 10th anniversary of 9/11, a somber day of remembrance. The entire month of September is dedicated to recovery from addiction. We are all addicted to something and every one of us can use support, kindness and most importantly understanding while we transform from hopeless to hopeful.

Over My Shoulder Foundation is honored to share stories this month that will focus on transforming one more hopeless, addicted person into a productive person full of contagious hope. We want you to ask yourselves “who is at risk” and realize that we all are. With the surge of unemployment, increase of poverty and a steady news stream that seems to predict more uncertainty we must reconnect and build strong supportive communities. We have to keep each other right side up and clear through mentoring friendships.

Please join the OMSF conversation  “Designing the Next Generation” because with Mentorology (the art of mentoring) as a priority we can help each other create strong people who are built to last by sharing wisdom, increasing confidence and reinforcing self-esteem. Our lives have become insanely busy and we can’t always see, hear, or feel the stress fractures or see the crumbling of a dream even though it might be disintegrating right before our eyes. We have to find a way to slow down, tune in and lend a helping hand. Morale needs nutrition too, and each of us has to remind the other of the importance to nourish our minutes and find nutritional value in our lives.

September is also “Be Kind to Writers and Editors Month” so please contact Over My Shoulder Foundation to share compelling stories about mentoring and hope in your own life!

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