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We recently talked about Youth Design, which is an art and design mentoring program targeted towards Boston high school students with an interest in exploring a career in creative design. To elaborate on this post and provide students with an interest in design some additional helpful information, we wanted to take a moment to tell you about some architecture career fairs in Boston, most particularly the Boston Society of Architects (BSA) Architecture and Design College Fair.

This highly anticipated career fair will take place on Saturday, October 26 from 10 am to 2 pm at the Wentworth Institute of Technology. The event is completely free for students and their families to attend, and nearly 40 schools with outstanding architecture and design programs will be present. While the event is free, please note that registration in advance is required. For a full list of the schools that will be in attendance at this year’s career fair, please visit the Boston Society of Architect’s webpage.

Selecting the right design program for you to participate in can be a challenging and overwhelming task, and the Boston Society of Architects helps to make this process easier for you by sharing some helpful resources and important factors to consider. To learn more about some of the upcoming events for the Boston Society of Architects, please check out the calendar on the organization’s website.

If you are interested in learning more about architecture career fairs in Boston, please feel free to contact us at the Over My Shoulder Foundation. We are passionate about Designing the Next Generation, and attending a career fair can offer some excellent guidance to individuals that aspire to have a career in a creative design field.

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If you will be entering college this fall, one of the best ways to get acclimated in your new environment and better determine which field you want to go into is to partake in a mentoring program. Boston, a city full of well-respected educational institutions such as Boston University and Boston College, offers a number of college mentoring programs for students that want to get on the right path early in their academic careers.

Being advocates of mentoring relationships ourselves, the Over My Shoulder Foundation wanted to share a few of these mentoring programs for college students in the Boston area:


Ask about the College Bound Mentoring Program at Boston College. Source: Patricia Drury

  • College Bound Mentoring Program at Boston College: This program is designed to help incoming college freshmen receive the additional support that they need in order to have a successful college experience. Through this program, one to two incoming freshmen are paired with a mentor that is currently an undergraduate student at Boston College. Through this mentoring arrangement, the mentor will meet with the mentees for two to three hours each month to discuss future goals pertaining to their career and college choices.
  • CAS Peer Mentors at Boston University: This mentoring program is coordinated by the College of Arts and Sciences and Leadership Office at Boston University, and its intention is to help college freshmen make an easier transition to life at college. The peer mentors are existing undergraduate students that introduce new students to resources, academic policies, extracurricular activities, workshops, and student support groups.

To learn more about these college mentoring programs or how a mentoring relationship in general could be beneficial to you, please contact us at the Over My Shoulder Foundation.

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