Group mentoring can take your company to new heights.

At the Over My Shoulder Foundation, we are constantly looking for ways to raise the awareness of the positive impact that mentoring can make, especially within organizations. If your organization is currently considering implementing an employee mentor program, one option to consider is group mentoring. This unique concept pairs one mentor with five or more mentees that get together periodically throughout the year. This is an ideal option to consider if you do not have many mentors within your organization, but have several mentees looking for guidance.

Management Mentors offers several reasons why group mentoring could benefit your organization:

  • The mentee will not only benefit from building a relationship with a mentor, but will also grow through the relationship that he or she builds with fellow mentees in the group.
  • Mentoring through a group provides strength in numbers, offering a diverse range of viewpoints, approaches, and outlooks.
  • Mentoring a collective group of people helps to build camaraderie within the organization and within the group itself.
  • A group setting can provide a more comfortable environment for a mentee that may be intimidated to meet one-on-one with a senior leader within the organization.
  • Additional learning opportunities such as group projects or activities can be created through a group mentoring setting.

To learn more about mentoring and how it can benefit your organization, please contact us at the Over My Shoulder Foundation.

Image Source: IntelFreePress