We have heard many say, “I just don’t have time to mentor.” We have also shown exquisite examples of how a single moment, one sentence, or just a few minutes can inspire profound changes in a person’s life.


Skype can help you stay connected across the globe. Source: Freedigitalphotos.net

Many years ago when I was just starting my career in Los Angeles, I remember speaking to the dynamic Sharon Osborne, wife of legendary rocker Ozzy Osborne. Sharon was rebuilding Ozzy’s career with gusto and re-inventing their entire “brand.” I never forgot the strategy meetings I participated in, where Sharon and some of the marketing minds of Hollywood discussed how they would rejuvenate a legend. For me, this was a “rockin” mentoring moment. A new generation of fans all over the world fell in love with Sharon and her family. Many got to know her as she mentored young aspiring artists on hit TV shows like “America’s Got Talent,” and watching her embrace the next generation of talent and encourage with her mentoring wisdom was unforgettable.

With a jam-packed schedule like Sharon’s, her “do-everything” attitude has found her participating in shows around the world at the same time! Her schedule was becoming hard to juggle, so she is leaning on technology—particularly Skype–to allow her to continue to mentor! Via Skype, Sharon will mentor her “X Factor” acts while she is flying back and forth to the United States to continue being a host on the U.S. Talk Show “The Chat.”

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