[box]Today we’ve got a glimpse into the mind of Over My Shoulder Foundation Co-Founder and Executive Director Dawn Carroll. She’s working on a new song with Jon Butcher, one of the most influential recording artists in the legendary Boston music scene.[/box]

At the start of Over My Shoulder Foundation (which, back then in 2009 was just a project), here’s what I wrote:

There comes a time in life when the term “complicated” takes on an entirely new meaning. One day, even the most powerful among us wake up and discover they are no longer fearless. It is the moment in which you may lose your focus, your sense of worth, or have a sense that you cannot move past the challenges before you.

This is when the beauty of divine intervention, rich with guidance, friendship and the talents and imagination of a mentor becomes an essential ingredient for inspiration; maybe even for survival.

This is the genesis, for some, of a desperate search to connect with someone – anyone – who can help move negative or challenging thoughts into a new and brighter light, or simply help you recalibrate and reconnect with the things that matter.

This fascinating and provocative moment is when your goals take precedent over any opposition, the moment when you decide if you will allow your dreams to walk away, or, if you will grab on with both hands and walk within them. This describes my personal experience, and how I finally found my true purpose as an advocate for mentoring.

You can read all about the whole story of the song here.

Now, with Over My Shoulder Foundation a 501(c)3 registered non-profit, we are writing more songs.

I wrote those words you just read, above, when I first started OMSF. We were writing songs that tackled difficult subject matters and tried to find a mentor-centric “spin”. Do you know the song that started Over My Shoulder Foundation, performed by Patti Austin and her mentee Lianna Gutierrez?

Recently I just dusted off the songs that were started and shelved because we had to write business plans and become a real foundation with a 501(c)3 non profit status.  But now I am pleased to say that one of my Rock ‘n’ Roll heroes Jon Butcher is partnering with me to write another Over My Shoulder Song.

I have been a fan of Jon’s for over 20 years and although we have been great friends for many of these years I never thought we would collaborate on music together. This one of those “pinch me I am dreaming moments. Once a fan and now a co-writer or co-producer was never something I thought would ever happen. When Jon agreed to work with me on the next OMSF song I giggled in delight.

And here is the fabulous mentoring lesson – Always Ask. 

A Sneak Peak Into Our New Over My Shoulder Foundation Mentoring Song, a Collaboration with Jon Butcher

The song Jon and I are working on is a subject matter that is deep and dark. If you have ever lost someone to violent crime or have suffered with survivor guilt or PTSD than you understand the blizzard of emotions that consume you 24-7 often for years.

Dawn Carroll and Jon Butcher, collaborators on the NEW Over My Shoulder Foundation mentoring song.

Dawn Carroll and Jon Butcher, collaborators on the NEW Over My Shoulder Foundation mentoring song.

Photography by Michael Sparks Keegan

Revenge is a toxic emotion that doesn’t allow forgiveness easy. Anger rips into your clarity and causes a blur that can lead you down a most destructive road. The song we are working on dives deep into these emotions but…begs for intervention. It begs to be shown a better way.

The song message begs for an outcome that won’t hold regret. It won’t hold repercussions that inflict more terror, horror, pain or chaos.

Forgiveness doesn’t always come easy and yet we can mentor forgiveness. We can reach out to those stuck in the tsunami of violence. Jon and I intend to use the power of music to insert a positive message into a really difficult situation.

Stay tuned and we thank you for being part of our OMSF community- we thank you for  committing to a mentoring lifestyle and for injecting your positive message into our world!

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