Once you have taken the initiative to find a mentor that can add value and provide guidance in either your personal or professional life, the second step is establishing goals to clearly define your intended outcomes of the mentoring relationship.

To help simplify this process, we wanted to provide you with some useful tips for how to set goals and keep them.


Accomplishing your goals is easier with guidance from a strong mentor.

Georgia Tech Mentor Jackets suggests setting S.M.A.R.T goals:

S=Strategic and Specific
The intention of each goal should be specific and work towards the overall performance challenge being managed.


Every goal should have clearly defined action items that will indicate how the goal will be achieved.

While goals should be challenging, it’s important to establish goals that could be realistically met with hard work.

Each goal that you put in place should better position you accomplish the “big picture” achievement.

Establish a deadline for each goal to be accomplished without allocating too much time.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association suggests writing down your mentoring goals and objectives. Not only will this help you to better remember your goals, but it can also serve as a constant reminder for what you are trying to accomplish. Reviewing your goals on a daily basis as well as regularly discussing your goal progress with a mentor can help to keep you motivated.

For more effective ways for how to set goals, please contact us at the Over My Shoulder Foundation.

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