The Giving Season

December 12, 2010 by Adam Leipzig

Some’s readers create opportunities for others; some are creators themselves. Here are ideas for holiday and New Year’s giving from a few of the people who read this blog – presents your friends and family may love, and gifts you might love to give to yourself in the months ahead.

Over My Shoulder Foundation is a unique arts and entertainment driven project whose goal is to raise awareness of the historical impact of mentoring both cross-culturally and cross generationally in new media driven ways. It’s an organization that understands that there was a time when mentoring was a given art handed down to generations as part of one’s reason for gaining a skill or just plain old wisdom. reader Dawn Carroll co-founded the organization, and co-wrote the song Over My Shoulder. Grammy winner and OMS co-founder, Patti Austin, along with her young singing sensation mentee, Lianna Gutierrez, recorded it.

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