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-Dawn Carroll, Over My Shoulder Foundation Co-Founder


MENTOROLOGY what does it mean?   

-By Meghan C  age 12

Some may say a mentor is a  role model or someone you look up to.  This is true for some but for me mentoring  also means to show  people the right directions and to teach them to reach for their dreams.

If you are a really good mentor to someone you are like their personal driver that steers them in the right directions making sure that even when there are some bumps and potholes in the road you try to make sure that person doesn’t get thrown under the bus.

But you also have to try real hard not to do bad things either because when you are a mentor the person who looks up to you will basically do whatever you do – just like a puppy dog.

Think of it as all the kindergarteners at a school: They all look up to the older kids and try to do what ever they do so if these older kids frequently are doing wrong, young kids will copy them.

So you always have to remember to try and DO THE RIGHT THING!

Because you never know who is watching or who looks up to you.

Everyone has a glass heart and its fragile and you have to be careful not to break someones heart

And that is what a mentor and Mentorology is to me!


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