Morning Glory

Recently I discovered Kaga no Chiyo, a haiku poet from the 1700’s who stated to write at the age of seven. She did not know the word mentor at the time but she studied under two haiku masters who were also mentored by a great poet, Basho….I took this photo in Palos Verdes recently and I knew it had a message for me- I would like to introduce to you “Chiyo” When I was searching for words that would capture the beauty of this moment I found her and this amazing site that celebrated this woman of the 1700’s who mentored me many years later.

“One summer morning Chiyo the poetess got up early wishing to draw water from the well…She found the bucket entwined by the blooming morning glory vine. She was so struck…that she forgot all about her business and stood before it thoroughly absorbed in contemplation. The only words she could utter were ‘Oh, the morning glory!’ At the time, the poetess was not conscious of herself or of the morning glory as standing against [outside] her. Her mind was filled with the flower, the whole world turned into the flower, she was the flower itself…

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