The Art of Mentoring = Mentorology

The Art of Mentoring = Mentorology

The Over My Shoulder Foundation, founded by Dawn Carroll, award-winning
stone designer at Cumar, Inc. and Grammy Award winner Patti Austin is
proud to have inspired Design New England’s Mentors In Design Awards
(MIDDIES). The MIDDIES recognize design professionals who share their
time, expertise and wisdom with upcoming generations of designers.

The Over My Shoulder Foundation is a unique media-based project whose
goal is to raise awareness of the impact of mentoring both cross-culturally
and cross-generationally.

“Our goal is to break down barriers that separate generations of people and
cultures. Through mentoring, we all are increasingly interdependent on each
other, rather than independent individuals. And, because of people’s
interdependency, the foundation hopes to foster respect, diversity, culture,
and individuality.” Patti Austin

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